Collaboration on cross-border fires

Collaboration on cross-border fires

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) crews have been working with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services crews on a number of remote fires in the border region.

FFMVic Incident Controller, Steve Young said: “Bushfires don’t respect boundaries and fires that start close to the Victorian-New South Wales border have potential to threaten communities, infrastructure and assets in both states.

“We have a long-running cross-border agreement between emergency response agencies that addresses the issues and complexities of the management of cross-border fires,” Mr Young said. “Our state agencies have been collaborating for more than 20 years on a formal agreement to ensure a rapid and effective response to any bushfires close to the state border.”

“We’ve currently got four remote fires totalling approximately 90 hectares in the Byadbo Wilderness Area in the Kosciusko National Park, and another three small fires in the Tingaringy area, immediately south of the border in Victoria, north-east of Tubbut.

“Our FFMVic firefighters have been working alongside NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services Remote Area Fire Teams on arduous remote dry firefighting.

“They’ve been flying out from Marlo, Ambyne and Swifts Creek in large and medium helicopters, some of which have remained to support air bombing operations.

“In the Incident Management Team in Orbost, FFMVic staff are working on the fires with support from CFA and SES staff from across the region and the state.

“Our response to these cross-border fires demonstrates the great relationships we have with our NSW neighbours and our ability to work co-operatively before and during bushfires to protect all our communities, regardless of borders and boundaries.”

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